Imago Dei is a community in Bangor, Maine

enjoying God, loving others, and joining with Jesus for the restoration of all things.

Though made in the image of God, we were broken by sin and death.

We're celebrating how Jesus is restoring that imago Dei as he invites us to join him in restoring all things.


The night Jesus was born was unlike any other night.

Ever since humanity had turned away from God's love, becoming subject to evil and brokenness, God never stopped pursuing us. He promised that one day, a Savior would come to set us free and begin the work of restoring our broken humanity. That promised one was Jesus - God himself - lying in an animal feeding trough in a dirty shed that night in Bethlehem who had come down for us and our salvation. The One who will restore all things. 

This Christmas Eve, we will celebrate that rescue by retelling this grand story from its very beginning through various readings and classic songs by candlelight, and the evening will end with Holy Communion. Experience the wonder of God's story of restoration this Christmas Eve!

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Join Us For Sunday Worship & Celebration

8:30 am every Sunday morning • 56 Center Street, Bangor


Every week our community gathers to re-enact the story of God's redemption. Whether you're looking for a church community or just visiting, we welcome you to join us in enjoying God through our worship together. If you've never been to an Anglican church, don't worry! We make it super easy to participate, and we'll help you with any questions you may have.

Whatever your past. Whatever you believe. Whatever you wear. You belong.

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We believe children are essential members

hearing from God as they come to know & follow Jesus


Imagokids is our safe and engaging worship experience that allows our youngest members to learn about the Father’s love, to come to know Jesus as their Lord and provide them the space to hear from Him through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

On Sunday mornings we offer Nursery for children 0-3, as well as Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for children ages 4-10. Older children remain in the service, serving in roles within our church's worship.



Come ready… leave changed.


Registration is Open!

Women’s Encounter Weekend: January 25-27

Mens’s Encounter Weekend: February 8-10

Sign up early to get $25 off your registration cost!

The Encounter God Weekend is a life-changing retreat designed to bring each believer into a renewed relationship with the living God. Many of us are weary of struggling to reach a soul-satisfying level of holiness and acceptance before God, and feel as if we are missing out on the abundant life of joy and freedom that Jesus promises. The Encounter weekend makes the basic truths of Jesus' gospel so fresh and real that our hearts will be marked by a new picture of freedom, identity, and healing from God. Come ready to meet the Lord in a new way. You will leave changed.


Your journey. God's story. Let the restoration begin.


Jesus is inviting you to follow him. Not only to experience nearness to God and His transforming love, but also to learn how to bring the healing and goodness of God to the broken world around you. Here's how we are joining Jesus for the restoration of all things.