Our Vision

We envision an entire generation transformed into wholehearted lovers of God, encountered by the living Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, all within the context of a praying church, being sent out to multiply other praying churches which will contend for the transformation of our culture and the fullness of God’s Kingdom in Maine, New England, and the world.

Our Mission

In order to accomplish the vision, Imago Dei is committed to cultivating a community that exists for the purpose of enjoying God, loving others, and joining Jesus in the restoration of all things.

Our 7 Values

1 - We value communion with the Beautiful Triune God

We seek to intimately know God as revealed in Jesus Christ through the present ministry of the Holy Spirit. Joyful communion with God is our ultimate mandate and exceedingly great reward.


2 - We value a culture of unrelenting prayer and passionate worship

We are committed to helping people satisfy their hunger for reality through a wholehearted lifestyle of fervent prayer and worship. Our desire is to see a radical shift in this generation which moves beyond the status-quo and into a culture defined by perpetual persistent prayer and holy love.


3 - We value healing relationships in community

Being created in the image of God (imago dei) humans were made to live in community like God, who is a Trinity of Persons. This is evidenced by humanity’s deep longing for relationships and a desire to belong. The fullness of God’s work in our lives is given when we live a unified rhythm of life with one another, expressed by a culture of hospitality, selflessness, and transparency in relationships. In Christian community, we can safely ask questions, confront doubts, and receive love so that the image of God might be more fully restored in us.


4 - We value whole-life transformation and growth

By encountering the presence of the Holy Spirit and meditating on Holy Scripture we seek to lead consistent lifestyles as wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ as illustrated by the Sermon on the Mount (Mt.5-7). The Gospel of Jesus Christ gradually changes our hearts and minds, transforming every sphere of our lives, perfecting holy love for God and enabling us to love people better by inviting them into the same whole-life transformation.


5 - We value a Kingdom culture

Since every individual is created in the image of God we acknowledge and honor the infinite worth of every person and the desire of God to make the wrong things right in tangible ways. We seek to foster a culture that values life, recognizing the dignity of the rejected, defenseless, and forgotten.


6 - We value pioneer church planting

We are committed to raising up apostolic (sent) leaders to advance the Kingdom of God by planting praying churches among post-Christian populations throughout New England, particularly targeting universities and college campuses.


7 - We value historical global Christianity

As a part of a global Christian community, we are shaped by and reflect the streams of Christian expression (Scriptural, Sacramental, Spirit-filled) that have characterized the Anglican tradition for hundreds of years. We are submitted to the authority of the Scriptures, committed to the richness of ancient worship and, and dependent on the power and work of the Holy Spirit who lives in and among us.


Imago Dei members sign a Church Unity Pledge outlining our community's approach to holy speech and conflict resolution.