"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations"

FAsting Resources

This is a helpful article entitled “Your Personal Guide to Fasting,” found on Cru’s (Campus Crusade for Christ) website and written by Dr. Bill Bright. It is a very good introduction to Christian fasting with sections to answer various questions ranging from “why should I fast?” to “how should I fast?”


This article from IHOP-KC (International House of Prayer in Kansas City) provides more helpful guidelines for food fasting and
the spiritual benefits of voluntary weakness within the context of prayer i.e. what's the point of fasting? 


Prayer Resources

Book of Common Prayer – Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline  -- click on Daily Office on the side of the page, Rite Two is written in contemporary English. 


The Mission of St. Clare is an app that allows you to easily pray morning and evening prayer from your phone. Find it on the App Store.  


Lectio Divina - "divine reading"; an ancient way to read the scriptures that leaves room for encounter with the Living Word.


FELLOWSHIP Prayer - a fantastic prayer guide, each letter of fellowship stands for a different way to pray for yourself.