If you're interested in learning more about our community where we enjoy God, love others, & join with Jesus for the restoration of all things, we recommend the following ways to get to know us, learn about our rhythm of life together, and begin a relationship with Jesus:


Coffee with a Pastor

If you are a second-time visitor to Imago Dei, fill out a(nother) connect card indicating it's your second week. A pastor will reach out to set up a time to get coffee with you.


Newcomer's Lunch

Enjoy a simple lunch with our connections team and other newcomers in a member's home. We run these the first Sunday of each month! This is a great time to meet others and learn about the community.


Gen Rev Events

Gen Rev is an outdoor club run by Imago Dei and New Hope Church. We have events for varying ages and abilities ranging from outdoor park picnics to remote high-adventure trips. This is an opportunity to develop friendships within the church - maybe bring a friend along too. 


The Alpha Course

Everyone has questions about faith. This is an opportunity to have a great meal, watch an engaging video, and explore the themes of Christianity in a safe environment where your opinion is valuable and respected. Learn More.


If you are ready to make a decision to follow Jesus and/or join our church community, we recommend the following:

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Threshold Class

In this 8-week class, you will learn about our church's vision, our Anglican identity with unique rhythms of life, as well discovering your own gifts and purpose in the church. 

Next class TBA

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The Sacrament of Baptism 

We welcome everyone — adults, children, and infants — into the family of God through Baptism, through which we are united to Christ in his death and resurrection, become members in the Church, receive God's grace and forgiveness, and are blessed with new life in the Holy Spirit. 


The Sacramental Rite of Confirmation

In Confirmation, God, through the bishop’s prayer for daily increase in the Holy Spirit, strengthens the baptized believer for Christian life in Christ's kingdom. Learn more.

Encounter God Weekend

The First Phase of our discipleship process. Many of us feel as if we are missing out on the abundant life of joy & freedom that Jesus promises, but we've now seen hundreds of hearts marked by a new picture of freedom, identity, & healing from God. Learn more.


If you are ready to begin walking with Jesus intentionally in our community, going deeper in your relationship with God and learning how to do the works of His kingdom, we encourage you to participate in the following:

Covenant Class  

In this Second Phase, which follows the Encounter God Weekend, you will learn how to enjoy your freedom as you grow in intimacy with God by understanding the heart of the Father and your invitation for you to join in his gladness while also receiving practical tools to engage prayer and scripture meditation that go beyond information and lead to daily encounter with the Living God and whole-life transformation. Learn more.


Kingdom Ministry Training  

In this Third Phase of our discipleship course we will explore the Gospel of Kingdom as Jesus' primary message, and from our Covenant identity, become equipped in the healing, deliverance and prophetic ministries of the Church.  We will explore spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and sexual healing within the framework of Holy Scripture, and the church’s communal and sacramental life of discipleship. Learn more.


Discipleship Huddles - The Heart of Imago Dei's Community

These are groups invited to walk with a huddle leader as they learn how to recognize God's invitation and challenge in their own life and grow in the character and competencies of a disciple. These may last a year or more as strong friendships are formed, and deep transformation happens in this catalyst of investment, training, imitation and accountability. At the end of a huddle, each participant will have the tools needed to run a huddle of their own.