Dearly Beloved of God our Father,

Lent means “spring,” reminding us that when the winter subsides and the snow melts, what remained hidden by the snow is now exposed.  The neglected things, the things we forgot about or ignored, the things not directly exposed to warmth and sunlight are now coming into the light.  The practices, and things we employed in order to simply “survive” through the harsh winter now have to be cleaned up.  The sand spread on our icy driveways, the animal refuse, toys, garbage we shoveled away with the snow, the old rotting leaves, all have to be removed if the full benefit of the sun is going to be realized and things are going to grow.  The mindsets, lifestyle choices, and attitudes we’ve employed in order to “survive” and maintain the illusion of safety and control are now exposed.  It’s time to sweep our lives clean.   This is Lent.  

The Lenten colors and textures are deep purple, representing penitence (willingness to be humble and broken) and burlap representing the discomfort and disruption of repenting, recalibrating, and reorienting our lives toward Jesus.  The theme I’ve sensed the Spirit of God inviting us to explore this Lent is “Deliver me O God, and I shall not want.”  When we surrender the actions and ways of thinking that are outside of God’s holy design that we employ in order to “self-protect” and get our needs met, we are able to taste and see that the Lord is good, Jesus is better.  His love is better than wine, better than life, and we shall not want.

Every follower of Jesus needs a recalibration of our belief systems, mindsets, lifestyle choices and attitudes, and a reorientation toward the goal of our Faith – mystical union with Jesus and the perfection of Holy Love for God and others.  We have provided simple prayer resources for you and your family for Lent, please consider using them for the next forty days. 

Today let us come to the Table humble, teachable, hungry, naked, and poor, for in “having nothing, we possess everything” (2 Cor. 6:10).

A Holy Lent to you and yours,

Fr. Justin+

Scott DeLong