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Coming Spring 2018

The “Kingdom of God” is the Bible’s way of describing the way life should be:  A world without injustice, sin, and evil. It’s the way life is in Heaven, and the way the world will go when Jesus returns, establishes his Kingdom forever, and restores all things. Christians have been called to bring that Kingdom into the present; we’ve been called to live in the presence of the future, “on Earth as it is in heaven.”

In the first movement of Imago’s discipleship process, Covenant, we learned that we are called into Covenant with the Father, which is about relationship, “being”, and confidence in our identity as sons and daughters.  In Kingdom, the second movement of Imago’s discipleship process, we will learn the implications of the fact that God, who is our Father, is also the Great King.  As children and heirs of the King, we are called to represent Him on Earth, with his full authority. Kingdom, therefore, is about responsibility, representation, “doing”, and authority. In this discipleship course we will:

1) Explore the Gospel of Kingdom as Jesus’ primary message, and the tension of the “already but not yet.”  We will look at how being in covenant means we now represent the King, and carry his authority as we minister in His name.  Discipleship is not just about growing personally in the character of Jesus, but growing in the competencies of Jesus, learning to do the works that Jesus did.

2) Be equipped in the healing, deliverance and prophetic ministries of the Church.  We will explore spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and sexual healing within the framework of Holy Scripture, and the church’s communal and sacramental life of discipleship.

3) Gain confidence in your call to both proclaim and demonstrate the presence of God’s Kingdom in your sphere of influence as we learn from teachings, stories, hands-on experience, and together go on mission with Jesus.

Come and learn how to more fully join with Jesus for the restoration of all things

**Prerequisite for participation in this course is your previous attendance at an Encounter God Weekend and completion of Covenant Class as it is imperative that we first internalize the principles taught in this course for ourselves before we move into ministry to others.