You’re right where you need to be. 

Amy and I have decided to embark on a journey in the blogosphere in order to inspire, challenge, and reflect along with fellow missionary-travelers, especially those in the post-Christendom context of New England.  We want to know what is pulsing in God’s heart as he dreams about the restoration of all things in New England and throughout the world. 

We want to offer our reflections on church, missional living, discipleship, signs and wonders, family, sacramental worldview, liturgy, rhythms of life, and above all intimacy with the Beautiful Trinity – the Sacred Three - with Whom we are desperately obsessed. 

It is our earnest prayer that whatever you find here resonates with the imago dei (image of God) and stirs an insatiable hunger for the knowledge of God.  Albeit, some of our reflections you may find unfamiliar, challenging, or even “edgy,” as we seek out what the flourishing of Jesus’ Body looks like in this hour of human history.  But one thing you will always find in us is a sincere desire for the Bride of Jesus to be radiant.  We may be wrong, and you may disagree, but in all things, charity

With that out of the way, we want to begin sharing with you some of our reflections as lovers of Jesus, husband and wife, parents, missionaries, multipliers and church planters.  We want to share with you how we see the Spirit of God earnestly stoking “Fire in the North.”