Easter Sunday

8:30am | Family-friendly, nursery provided


Historical Context

Easter Sunday marks the first Sunday of the Easter season, which continues through Pentecost. Originally, in the ancient church, Easter Sunday did not have a proper liturgy because the Easter Vigil continued into Easter Sunday and concluded with the Eucharist. Different parts of the church throughout history used this time to dramatize the women returning to the empty tomb or to consecrate a new church. At Imago, we continue our celebration from the Easter Vigil into Sunday morning. We repeat the Easter Acclamation, we baptize people, and we share the Eucharist. These services minister the joy that was released through the Great Vigil of Easter.



BAPTISMS: Baptism as the passage from death to life is powerfully reinforced by the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.

ASPERGES: We rejoice in our own baptisms as the clergy sprinkle the waters of baptism on the congregation.

EASTER ACCLAMATION: To mark the end of the Lent and as the climax of our Holy Week pilgrimage, Fr. Justin proclaims, “Alleluia! Christ is Risen!”

FLOWERS AND BANNERS: After a season of visual fasting, the beauty of the Lord’s resurrection is reflected in the sanctuary being filled with fresh flowers and bright banners, flags, and ribbons. 

DANCING: Is a response to the healing and joy of the Lord’s presence. It has grown to be an integral part of our Easter experience, as children and adults alike overflow with the joy of the Resurrection.



We have arrived at our culminating Holy Week service: Easter morning. One word perfectly sums up this service: joy! Having walked with Jesus through the suffering, pain, and anguish of this week, the celebration of the Easter service is all the sweeter. Experiencing the weight of our sin and the cost of Jesus’ sacrifice on Good Friday gives us all the more reason to rejoice at Jesus’ ultimate victory. We recognize the depth of the darkness from which Jesus has saved us.

We also rejoice in what we are saved for: eternal and abundant life with the Lord. Through Jesus’ final victory, the victory over death itself, we are able to be with God now and forever. We will not be with God simply in a metaphorical or ethereal way—no, we are promised that we will share in Jesus’ resurrection. We will be able to walk with Jesus when he resurrects our physical bodies and we live with him on a restored earth.  The palpable joy in this service comes from being in the presence of the Lord and is a taste of the heavenly joy we will one day experience in fullness. This service invites us to enter into this glimpse of heaven with childlike faith and to revel in the joy of being with God and in his power. Dance and proclaim that the Lord is good and that the Lord has done it: he has won the victory!



When was the last time you experienced or witnessed true joy? How was it different from feeling simply happy?

Easter Sunday is a wonderful day to bring guests. Is there someone you could invite to this party?

What stands out to you most about this service?


Easter Lilies


We place lilies around the altar in memory of loved ones during our Easter Service in the blessed hope of the Resurrection.