Join Us for Worship & Eucharist

Sunday Mornings at 8:30 am

56 Center Street Bangor, Maine

What to Expect

Our community loves people, and it’s our desire to connect with you no matter where you’re at in life.  We want people to feel safe and loved in a judgment-free atmosphere.  In short, we want everyone to experience the love of Jesus whether they are long-time members of the community or just visiting. 

So here is how things usually run on a Sunday morning, there are really three “movements,” if you will, to our worship celebration:  Praise, Word, and Sacrament.



Sunday celebration is a blend of ancient and modern music.  After an opening hymn and prayer, we spend some time singing songs led by our music team, consisting of guitars, keyboard, bass, mandolin and percussion. You might see some people raising their hands or clapping as they are worshiping, and you might also see people bowing, kneeling, and making the sign of the cross. These are all ways people involve their body in worship as they express love to God.




Worship continues as we turn our attention to hearing the words of the Bible.  Every Sunday we hear passages from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Gospel (which means “good news”), paying particular attention to the words of Jesus in the gospel reading. Fr. Justin, Mthr. Piper, Bishop Bill, or a Lay Pastor willlead us as we look at the Bible together, allowing God to speak to our minds and hearts in ways which are always relevant.

Most messages are posted online here



Every Sunday, the summit of our worship together is Holy Eucharist, or Communion. The word “Eucharist” is a greek word which means “thanksgiving.”  At the Eucharist we celebrate, or give thanks for, God’s ultimate gift of love in the sending of Jesus to free us from slavery to sin and death. God, in Jesus Christ, reconciled us to himself through his cross and resurrection.  In Communion - a Holy Mystery - the church responds to the call of Jesus to love, follow, and unite ourselves to him by receiving him in the form of bread and wine. In this simple yet profound act, Jesus comes to us and strengthens all baptized Christians to live a life full of grace and truth.


A “Three Streams” Church

Because we value and are a part of historical global Christianity we are shaped by and reflect the “three streams” of Christian expression (Evangelical, Catholic, Charismatic) that have characterized the Anglican tradition for hundreds of years.  We are submitted to the authority of the Scriptures, committed to the richness of ancient worship and, and dependent on the power and work of the Holy Spirit who lives in and among us. Check out these articles to learn more:

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