Imago Dei is a community in Bangor, Maine

enjoying God, loving others, and joining with Jesus for the restoration of all things.

Though made in the image of God, we were broken by sin and death.

We're celebrating how Jesus is restoring that imago Dei as he invites us to join him in restoring all things.


Join us for Worship & Eucharist

8:30 am every Sunday morning


Our community loves people, and it’s our desire to welcome you no matter where you’re at in life.  We want you to feel safe and loved in a judgment-free atmosphere.

Whatever your past. Whatever you believe. Whatever you wear. You belong.


We believe children are essential members of the body of Christ

 and they hear from God as they come to know Jesus and follow Him.


Imagokids is our safe and engaging worship experience that allows our youngest members to learn about the Father’s love, to come to know Jesus as their Lord and provide them the space to hear from Him through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

On Sunday mornings we offer Nursery for children 0-3, as well as Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for children ages 4-10. Older children remain in the service, serving in roles within our church's worship.


Ways for you (and those you love) to enjoy God, love others, and join with Jesus


Your journey. God's story. Let the restoration begin.


Jesus is inviting you to follow him. Not only to experience nearness to God and His transforming love, but also to learn how to bring the healing and goodness of God to the broken world around you. Here's how we are joining Jesus for the restoration of all things.



There's a story of God's restoration. Have you joined it?




Tell us what Jesus did for you and you might get to share it Sunday!