Women's Encounter Weekend: January 12-14, 2018

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Men's Encounter Weekend: February 2-4, 2018

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Location: Sky-Hy Conference Center in Topsham, ME


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What is an Encounter God Weekend?

The Encounter God Weekend is a life-changing retreat designed to bring each believer into a renewed relationship with the living God. Many of us are weary of struggling to reach a soul-satisfying level of holiness and acceptance before God, and feel as if we are missing out on the abundant life of joy and freedom that Jesus promises. The Encounter weekend makes the basic truths of Jesus' gospel so fresh and real that our hearts will be marked by a new picture of freedom, identity, and healing from God. Come ready to meet the Lord in a new way. You will leave changed.


Vision and Mission

•To see people set free by the power of the Holy Spirit and released to walk in the fullness of their identity as men and women created in the image of God.

•To provide a safe setting where people can begin to experience the freedom and healing of confession

•To teach and train prayer ministers who are equipped to bring the good news of the gospel through prayer, to their own families, churches, and friends.

•To tell the story of God’s greatness through personal testimonies of the transforming power of God’s love

•To grow in our identity as sons and daughters of God through experiencing God’s love

After Encounter What's Next?

Join us for Covenant, Imago Dei's second step in our Discipleship Process. If Encounter is about coming home to the Father and getting free, Covenant is about remaining at home with the Father and staying free by learning tools and paradigms that strengthen our identity in a powerful worship & prayer setting. Learn about Covenant here

After Covenant comes the third stage of Imago Dei's discipleship process: Kingdom, where you will learn to how to "do the stuff" by living and ministering as Jesus did. After this class, you may be eligible to attend future Encounters as an Apprentice Prayer Minister. Learn about Kingdom here