“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”
— Matthew 28:18-19

What is a disciple?

Disciples are learners. They are transformed men and women who intentionally learn Jesus in order to do the works of Jesus in their spheres of influence. At Imago Dei Anglican Church, we're committed to helping one another:

1. Encounter God to find freedom and healing from our fears, insecurities, wounds, sin patterns, and false ideas about God

2. Step into our covenant identity as children of God, knowing who we are as new creations in Christ

3. Learn the authority we have as God's representatives on the earth to proclaim and demonstrate the breaking-in of His Kingdom -  the way life should be.

4. Step out in that authority, learning to balance empowered outward mission with both a vibrant inner life of worship as well as rewarding fellowship with other believers.

These four values are found within the three components of our discipleship process at Imago Dei Anglican Church. While discipleship is a life-long journey of growth, we believe our process  - which can be completed in one year - provides a powerful launchpad for Christians young and old alike. 

Here's what the process looks like:

The First Phase is the Encounter God Weekend. This life-changing retreat is designed to bring each believer into a renewed relationship with the Living God. Many of us are weary of struggling to reach a soul-satisfying level of holiness and acceptance before God, and feel as if we are missing out on the abundant life of joy and freedom that Jesus promises. The Encounter God Weekend makes the basic truths of Jesus' Gospel so fresh and real that our hearts will be marked by a new picture of freedom, identity, and healing from God. Learn more.


The Second Phase is our eight-week Covenant Class with worship and prayer, which builds on the Encounter God Weekend by taking us deeper in our experience of discipleship, our covenantal identity, and the restoration of our whole person (imago dei) through union with Jesus. If the Encounter is about “getting free,” than the Covenant class is about equipping us to “stay free.” In this class we will learn how to enjoy our freedom by:

1) Growing in intimacy with God by understanding the heart of the Father and his invitation for us to join in his gladness.

2) Becoming confident in our new identity as the objects of his affection - the sons and daughters of God who live in their Father’s love and then become that same love to those around them.

3) Receiving practical tools to engage prayer and scripture meditation that go beyond information and lead to daily encounter with the Living God and whole-life transformation. Learn more.


The Third Phase is Kingdom Ministry Training, which explores Covenant's implications that God, who is our Father, is also the Great King.  As children and heirs of the King, we are called to represent Him on Earth, with his full authority. Kingdom, therefore, is about responsibility, representation, "doing", and authority. In this discipleship course we will:

1) Explore the Gospel of Kingdom as Jesus' primary message, and the tension of the “already but not yet.”  We will look at how being in covenant means we now represent the King, and carry his authority as we minister in His name.

2) Be equipped in the healing, deliverance and prophetic ministries of the Church.  We will explore spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and sexual healing within the framework of Holy Scripture, and the church’s communal and sacramental life of discipleship.

3) Gain confidence in our call to both proclaim and demonstrate the presence of God's Kingdom in our spheres of influence as we learn from teachings, stories, hands-on experience, and together go on mission with Jesus. Learn more.



The Fourth Phase is a Discipleship Huddle, a group of 4-8 believers invited to walk with a huddle leader in learning how to recognize God's invitation and challenge in their own life and grow in the character and competencies of a disciple. These may last a year or more as strong friendships are formed, and deep transformation happens in this catalyst of investment, training, imitation and accountability. At the end of a huddle, each participant will have the tools needed to run a huddle of their own. 

Baptism & Confirmation: enter the Kingdom & discover your role